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Presentation Materials ALIGN Group Care Global Symposium, Edmonton, Alberta February 7- 8, 2019
Foundation of Caregiver Support Evaluation Survey
ALIGN ED Update Dec 2018
ALIGN Update Re: Government Relations, Candidate Info & Recent Pols
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Group Care Symposium Highlighting Global Research Edmonton February 7 – 8, 2019
ALIGN Conference Edmonton Jan 24-25, 2019 Open for Registration
Allying with Indigenous People Cultural Solutions Calgary Feb 6 -8, 2018
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Communication from Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) Program Review Secretariat Feb 13, 2019
Occupational Health and Safety Act Chapter 0-2.1
Occupational Health and Safety Code
Occupational Health and Safety Regulation
2019 CSAE Benefits and Compensation Survey DEADLINE EXTENDED to February 15, 2019.
Imagine Canada Early Alert: CRA Issues Draft Guidance on Charities’ Public Policy Work
Position paper calling for an integrated approach to Early Childhood Development.
CSS PDD Brief overviews of the results of engagement sessions for the Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) review January 2, 2019
AHS Free Caregiver Education Series Edmonton Zone
Revisions Enhancement Act Policy Manual December 14, 2018
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ALIGN Leadership Development Program (2016)
Indigenous Thought Leader Series   (Update April 2018)
Indigenous Advisory Group/Indigenous Cultural Knowing Framework (Update Dec. 2018)
CWLC Board Member Updates (Update September 2018)
Alberta Mentoring Partnership (September 2017)
Allying With Indigenous Peoples Cultural Solutions: The Practice of Omanitew (Update Dec. 2018)
Bill 205 Advocates for Persons with Disabilities  (Update November 2018)
Caregiver Information Package Alberta PS4LLC  2018 (Updated October 2018)
Child Review Panel & A Stronger, Safer Tomorrow Action Plan  (Update October 2018)
Child Intervention Practice Framework (CIPF)  (Update November 2018)
Child, Youth & Family Enhancement Act Policy Manual (Update Dec 17, 2018)
Disabilities Symposium Committee (No Updates)
Family Finding  (Update June 2018)
Family Support for Children with Disabilities & PDD Review (FSCD)  (Update Feb 2019)
Fentanyl & Opioids (Update Sept 2018)
Foundations of Caregiver Support (FCS)     (Update December 2018)
Practice Strategies for Lifelong Connection PS4LLC Caregiver Information Package (Update Nov 2018)
Mental Health & Suicide Action Plan (Update Sept 2018)
Pathways to Mental Health Making Every Step Count for Children in Care (2016)
Resiliency Framework (Previously Early Intervention Framework) (Update July 2018)
Signs of Safety (Update March 2018)
Transitioning From Care: A Guide for Caregivers Revised 2016 
Procurement Advisory Table (PAT)   (Update May 2018)
Collaboration Table (Formerly The Foster Care Negotiation Table  (September 2017)
ALIGN/AB GOV OBSD Newsletter (July 2016)
AB Association for Safety Partnerships(AASP) as a Certifying Partner (Road Map To COR) (Update Sept 2018)
Bill 17 – Fair and Family-Friendly Workplaces Act  (Update Sept 2018)
Bill 30 Occupational Health and Safety Act  (Update Dec. 2018)
Care Worker Violence Prevention Focused Inspection Program (Update Sept 2018)
Healthy Workplace, Wellness and Safety in the Child and Family Services Sector  (Update Sept. 2017)
Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)  (Update January 2017)
National Standard Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace – COR/WCB ( Update Oct 2017)
OHS Staff Safety Initiative (Update Dec. 2018)
Workforce Alliance: Cross Association Workforce Survey (2017)


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