ALIGN Journal Volume 8 Fall 2017

Editorial – Being Called to Take Action and Being wicihasowin by
Research Paper – I Want to do Good so Bad: Exploring Health Capabilities
Pilot Project Review – Children and Youth in Care and Mentoring
Literature Review- Best Practices for Supporting High Risk Youth and Youth with  FASD in School:
Book Review- Redesigning Work: A Blueprint for Canada’s Future Well-Being and Prosperity
Case Study – Initial Steps in Developing a Meaningful Partnerships: A Case Study of Mahmawi-atoskiwin.

ALIGN Journal From Theory to Practice Residential Care for Children and Youth Special Edition Vol. 3 March 2017

This particular Special Edition is a compilation of the work that was created and presented at the
From Theory to Practice: Residential Care for Children and Youth Symposium April 28-29, 2016.
The ALIGN Association of Community Services co-hosted this learning event with the Ministry of
Human Services. The session was an opportunity for staff of both the Ministry and agencies to
come together and learn about several organizational models of residential care and how important
it is to use evidence informed practice in our care of these children and youth no matter the
environment. We explored how crucial the Foundations of Caregiver Support are and the significance
of developing meaningful relationships with the children we care for in order to assist the
change process. There was information shared about the effects early trauma and chronic stress
has on brain development and how we as caregivers can help undo some of the early harm done
to children.


Editorial Foundations of Caregiver Support – Jon Reeves

Growing Simple Interactions Inside Everyday Practice – Junlei Li

What Does It Mean to be Trauma Informed? From the Perspective of the Neurosequential Model. – Emily Wang, PH. D., R. Psych.

Sanctuary 101: An Overview of the Sanctuary Model – Ibet Hernandez

The Teaching-Family Model; An Evidenced Based Model – Michele Boguslofski

The CARE Program Model: Theory to Quality Practice in Residential Child Care -Jack Holden and Charles V. Izzo

AASCF Journal for Services to Children and Families Special Edition Reconstructing Residential Care March 2015









Editorial – James Anglin
I came away truly inspired by the spirit of open inquiry I had experienced, and reflecting on how far our child and youth care field has come over the past decade. Professional child and youth care journals have for many years urged practitioners and local agencies to embrace the task of knowledge development and the publishing of results so that this learning can be built upon as we engage with allied professions in the enterprise of service transformation. I hope that this issue of the AASCF can be distributed widely and shared across the child welfare sector, as it should inspire others to pick up the challenge of documenting practice-based evidence in support of more grounded and relevant evidence-based practice.
Onward and upward AASCF!
James P. Anglin
Professor, School of Child and Youth Care
University of Victoria, British Columbia


Caregiver Network

Reconstructing Group/Residential Care in Alberta: A Discussion Paper – Rhonda Barraclough

A Renewed Perspective of Group Care and Residential Treatment: An Orientation toward Therapeutic Group/Residential Care, Part One – Setting the Context: Establishing Value in the Service System and Initiating the Construct of Therapeutic Group/Residential Care – Anton Smith, M.S.W., Allen Balser, M.A.L., Bjorn Johansson, M.S.W.

Group Care Symposium #1 – May 2014

Family-Style Teaching Homes: An Alternative to Traditional Models of Group Care- Erin O’Reilly

Family Centred Practice: A Group Home Perspective -Patrick Langlois, Teri Campbell, & Gena Decker


AASCF Journal For Services to Children and Families Volume 7 June 2014



Balance Required when examining the chill welfare system -Dorothy Badry, Chris Lee, Bruce MacLaurin and Jackie Siepport

Original Research

Imagine: A System willing and able to protect children and support families –
Chris Boyle

The Alberta incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect ( AIS- 2008): Select Findings
– Bruce MacLaurin, Nico Trocme, Barbara Fallon, Vandna Sinha, Richard Enns, Richard Feehan, Hee-Jeong Yoo and Morgan DeMone

Caregiver turnover in Alberta accredited day care programs – Cecilia Bukutu, Xinjie Cui, Tara Hanson

Innovations in Program Development

Indigenous concepts and framework vital for human service workers: The practice of omanitew – Ralph Bodor, Leona Makokis, Sarah Friesen

AASCF Journal For Services to Children and Families Volume 6 Fall 2013


Editorial Value Based Leadership Rhonda Barraclough BSW, MEd., RSW

Original Research and Evaluation

Understanding Running Away Through the Lived Experience of Youth in Care – Daniella Navia BHS, Jennifer Newman BHS, Megan Kontrimas BHS

Innovations in Program Development

The Leadership Deficit in the Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector
– Diane Dutton, PhD, Mandie Abrams BA, BPA

Book Review

Mindful Leadership, The 9 ways to Self-Awareness, Transforming Yourself,
and Inspiring Others – Maria Gonzalez ‘s Kathy Archer CPCC, ACC

Conference Review

The Leaders We Need Are Already Here: Now What Do We Do?
Workshop Overview – Mandie Abrams BA MPA

AASCF Journal Learning Our Way Special Edition Volume One June 2012


Editorial Leading Our way – Rhonda Barraclough and Joni Brodziak


Alberta Child Welfare: Opportunities for Better Processes and Outcomes – Dr. Bob Lonne

Learning our Way: Outcomes Based Service Delivery (OBSD) and Leading Transformational Organization Change – Sharon Matthias, Lisa McDonald and Bruce Rafuse

Community Capacity Building and the Adaptive Challenge – Mark Holmgren

The Power and Potential of Social Work Supervision – Jane Matheson PhD, RSW

Using Evidence to Inform Practice – Bruce MacLaurin, David O’Brien and Tom Miklos

AASCF Journal for Services to Children and Families Volume 5 Spring 2012


Editorial – Rhonda Barraclough

Original Research and Evaluation

Leaders: Crucial in unstable times – Rhonda Barraclough

Innovations in Program Development

Childhood Exposure to Suicide: We Can Help – Sandra Copeland

The Alberta Mentoring Partnership: The Importance of Strength-based Mentoring – Jodi McKay

Policy and Practice Reviews

Getting Our Message Across – Doug Rogan and Bruce MacLaurin

About Young People

Cultural Tapestry to Me – Bryanna Ewing

AASCF Journal for Services to Children and Families Vol 4 Spring 2011


Editorial – Rhonda Barraclough

Original Research and Evaluation

Difference Between Runaway and non-Runaway Youth Investigation for Maltreatment in Canada – Bruce MacLaurin and Danielle Budgell

Innovations in Program Development

Look Staff… No External Controls! – Donna Barker and Lindsay McLintock

Outcome Based Service Delivery: Launching, Learning and Looking Forward – Susan Gardiner and Aaron Hachkowski

Policy and Practise Review

Giving Children a Voice – Heather Forsey and Tara Reilly

Cause for Concern: A preliminary Report on the Location and Accreditation of Day Care Facilities in Edmonton, Alberta – Myron Belej

AASCF Journal For Services to Children and Families Vol 3 Fall 2010


Editorial – Rhonda Barraclough BSW, RSW

Innovations in Program Development

Responding to Victims of Family Violence in the Chinese Community: Best or Promising
Practice? Ann Howlett, Marcella Olivares, Fion Lee and Alana LaPerle

Policy and Practice Reviews

Universal Child Care in Canada, A position paper – Angela Wilson

Outcomes Based Service Delivery: On the ground -Joni Brodziak, RSW

About Young People

I Want a Happy Meal – Dorothy Badry

Special Feature

National Child and Youth Care Counsellor of the Year 2010 Award – Ron Strauss

AASCF Journal For Services to Children and Families Volume 2 Spring 2010


Editorial – Rhonda Barraclough BSW, RSW

Original Research and Evaluation

Individual and Family Risk Factors Associated with a History of Reported Maltreatment for
Street Involved Youth in Calgary, Alberta – Bruce MacLaurin MSW, RSW, Catherine Worthington, Ph.D., Olivia Kitt BSW, RSW

Innovations in Program Development

Outcomes Based Service Delivery – A Collaborative Journey towards Improved Outcomes
Joni Brodziak, RSW

Panic Attacks – Eileen Bona, M.Ed., R. Psych.

Handling Life’s Problems in a Hopeful Way: A Hope and Strength Program for Parents Who
Have Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder ( FASD) – Wendy Edey, M. Ed. R. Psych.

The Alberta Scene on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) – Focus on Children and Youth
Jacqueline Pei, Ph.D. R. Psych., Dorothy Badry, Ph.D, RSW, Aileen Wight-Felske, Ph.D

Special Feature Article

A day in the life – Gayla Rogers, PhD., Dean and Professor, Faculty of Social Work, University
of Calgary – Joan Marie Gaxlat

AASCF Journal For Services to Children and Families Vol. 1 Fall 2009


Editorial – Rhonda Barraclough

Original Research and Evaluation

Examining Child Maltreatment in Canada: The Canadian Incidence Study of Reported
Child Abuse and Neglect (CIS-2008) – Bruce MacLaurin, Olivia Kitt, Carolyn Zelt, Barbara Fallon, Nico Trocmé

Making sense of partnerships in the nonprofit sector: Do we really know what we are
doing? Lessons learned – Jane Matheson, Ph.D. RSW 9

Innovations in Program Development

Community Integration: The Next Challenge of Child Welfare – Peter Smyth BA, BSW, RSW 18
Policy and Practice Reviews

Protection for Nonprofit Organizations: Liabilities for the Board of Directors – Kathy Manchuk CAIB, CRM 24

About Young People

Where the Snow Angels Tread “Building a Culture of Meaning and Purpose with
Children in Care” – Michele Crawford 27

Conference Review

Review of Workshop – Entitlement Plus®: Addressing Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity
Disorder (AD/HD) in a Positive, Holistic Way – Dr. Teeya Scholten, R. Psych