Indigenous Thought Leaders Series

Update April 2018

The Indigenous Thought Leaders Presentation Videos

Indigenous Protocol Process Video’s

Update September 2017

ALIGN has been busy  coordinating an Indigenous Thought Leader Symposium that will be held for Children and Family Serving organizations Leadership on October 23, 2017 at the Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton. The day will highlight Alberta Indigenous Thought leaders and Knowledge Keepers and how to move knowledge into policy and service delivery. The Indigenous Thought Leader Symposium is intended to enhance indigenous innovations and relationships in child intervention service delivery. Starting in Ceremony, selected Elders, advisors, and service providers will share Indigenous teachings and current practices in work with Indigenous children, families, and individuals. The presentations will showcase specific culturally-based approaches to practice and ceremony with indigenous service users. The day will include teachings from highly respected elders and knowledge keepers in Alberta. Various Alberta-based programs providing culturally appropriate and effective services will be highlighted. The outcome will be that participants will have an opportunity to explore how they can utilize the guidelines and principles in policy development and service delivery. This full day event will be held in ceremony and highlight cultural practices.

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ALIGN Leadership Development Program

Update October 2016

ALIGN is in the beginning stages of creating a leadership development program. The final stages of the leadership bursary funds are depleted. At this point we will be closing the application process. We will need to complete a review of the outstanding bursaries and see if there is any money left to offer; otherwise, we will complete a final report this year. ALIGN will have sufficient funds for us to administer the pay out of outstanding bursaries. A request has gone forward for further bursary funds but no word at this time. A good news report will be completed and sent to the Minister. The ALIGN Board will determine if we develop further strategies looking at leadership in the sector and create a plan we can offer to agency leaders moving forward. This requires further discussion at the Board level. ALIGN E.D. and Board President have had discussion with the Banff Centre and currently  have an offer on the table.