ALIGN Bulletin – Alberta Budget 2017

Hi Everyone – The following includes communications, news, updates and sector responses to the Alberta Budget 2017. View Here

ALIGN Executive Director Update Re: Alberta Budget 2017
Danielle Larivee Minister Children’s Services March 16, 2017
Budget 2017 Briefing For Community And Social Services Stakeholders.
Alberta Budget 2017 Inclusion Alberta Response
CCVO Budget 2017 Holds the Line on Spending March 17, 2017
Alberta Government Alberta Budget 2017

ALIGN Sector News and Updates March 5, 2017

Hi Everyone –  Just a quick update on some new developments, resources, opportunities and training events for ALIGN Member agencies and those serving children, youth and families in Alberta.

ALIGN and Sector News Bulletin March 5, 2017

A brand new newsletter with lots of important updates, funding and training for those of you who work with children, youth and families in Alberta

ALIGN and Sector News and Updates Feb 24, 2017

This bulletin includes news and updates for AB agencies serving children, youth and families. See what’s new with Ministry transition, Child Review Panel, Sole-Source Contracting and more!

ALIGN Sector News and Funding Feb 7, 2017

Some important updates regarding the AB Child Review Panel and additional sector news as well as a number of grants and awards with deadlines fast approaching – don’t miss out!

ALIGN Youth Care Bulletin January 2017

If you work with youth this bulletin is for you! Included you will find resources, training and news to assist you with your youth program or youth in care initiatives

Important Sector Announcement and Updates Jan 2017

Important Sector Announcement and Updates Jan 2017
January has brought some significant changes to the sector including a new Child Services Minister, an announcement of who will be on the Child Intervention Review Panel and more!

Nonprofit OHS Resource Bulletin January 2017

ALIGN supports our member agencies in their efforts to ensure the health and wellness of their employees and strives to keep you up to date regarding current trends, resources and training. Please take a minute to review these resources and feel free to share with others who may be interested.

ALIGN and Sector News and Updates January 2017

Catch up on ALIGN and Sector News. Learn more about Alberta nonprofit energy grants, share your input on budget 2017, check out all the upcoming free training events and more!

Human Services Evaluation Resource Bulletin Dec. 2016

This bulletin is full of great evaluation resources and tools to help support your organization with your evaluation efforts be they client, program or organizational. ALIGN serves a broad range of service providers within the human service sector so I’ve tried to include resources relevant to the varied needs of our members. Don’t forget to check out the great articles and training opportunities in the side bar too!

ALIGN Resource Bulletin: ALIGN and Sector News Nov 2016

This bulletin includes new initiatives, reports and resources applicable to Alberta non-profit agencies serving children youth and families. Remember to check the side bar for new program grants and funding as well as additional news items.

ALIGN Resource Bulletin: Nonprofit Program Resources September 2016

This bulletin is for nonprofit managers and supervisors and includes links to some great resources and training opportunities. Please take a minute to view the side bar as well for important surveys and consultations taking place in Alberta.

ALIGN Resource Bulletin: Nonprofit Boards and Executive Management June 2016

Here are a lot of great resources and training opportunities for non-profit boards & executives. Please remember to forward this to your board members!

ALIGN Resource Bulletin: Natural Disaster – Best Practices “Supporting Clients Through Trauma” Resource Bulletin May 2016

As you know, agencies across Alberta are mobilizing to support evacuees from Fort McMurray. Many of the agencies will be front line in supporting the children, youth and families in dealing with their trauma. This bulletin includes links to emergency response resources that will support front-line workers with dealing with the trauma of natural disasters.

ALIGN Resource Bulletin: AB Non-profit Awards, Bursaries, Grants & Community Giving Spring/Summer 2016

At ALIGN we know our members are always seeking funding opportunities to help sustain or further the vital services they provide for children, youth and families so hopefully this will help. This spring/summer fund development bulletin includes direct links to a range of upcoming and ongoing awards, bursaries and grants. Don’t forget to check the side bar for corporate giving and non-profit loan links as well.

ALIGN Resource Bulletin: Addiction: Fentanyl and W-18 May 2016

Today more than ever new and dangerous drugs are hitting the streets and agencies and their staff are working hard to keep up with the evolving issues and implications. In an effort to support agency staff this bulletin provides updates and information on substance abuse and addiction with a focus on fentanyl & W-18 resources, training and Alberta initiatives

ALIGN Resource Bulletin: Alberta Aboriginal Youth Suicide April, 2016

This bulletin includes news and responses to the Child and Youth Advocate Special Report on Aboriginal Youth Suicide as well as a look back at efforts to address aboriginal youth suicide in Alberta, current statistics and resources to support suicide prevention and intervention.Please share with others.

ALIGN Resource Bulletin: 25 Great Ways To Show Volunteer Appreciation – Spring 2016

It’s National Volunteer Week April 10-16, 2016 so here are 25 great ideas to help you in your efforts to let them know how appreciated they are! I’ve included a few favorites from last year and some great new ideas as well. To all the agency volunteers out there ALIGN would like to extend our thanks for your contribute to the children, youth and families you serve. We would also like to thank our past and present board members for all their contributions and the many volunteers who come out to support us at our conference.

ALIGN Resource Bulletin: Family Finding Resource Bulletin November 2015

This bulletin is all about Family Finding including an introduction to Family Finding and some resources and links provided by Kevin A. Campbell, internationally known youth permanency expert and founder of the Centre for Family Finding.

ALIGN Resource Bulletin: Holiday Fundraising Ideas for Non-profits November 2015

Albertan’s are spending less money with the economic down turn so more than ever, it makes sense to make your fundraising initiatives cohesive with holiday spending limitations by offering products that can be given as gifts, stocking stuffers, food, entertainment or related serves like gift wrapping stations With this in mind, I set out to compile a list of potential fundraising possibilities and hopefully have incorporated a few new ideas and products. There are some creative ideas and some great product partnership opportunities so take a minute and see if any of these might be the right fundraising fit for your organization.

ALIGN Resource Bulletin: Child and Youth Caregiver Network Resource Bulletin October 2015

The following resources include links to current research, news initiatives and training related to child welfare and trauma informed care

ALIGN Resource Bulletin: Halloween Resources for Agencies That Serve Kids October 2015

Well it’s that time of year and Halloween is fast approaching. I’ve put together some great resources for activities, inclusion and child and property safety. Please feel free to share with others. Happy Halloween!

ALIGN Resource Bulletin: Child, Youth and Family Assessment Bulletin October 2015

As you know ALIGN has been compiling a directory of links to a broad range of child, youth and family assessments. We recently asked you to submit any assessments or related resources that you had found useful and I would like to extend my thanks to all of you who sent in suggestions. Please RT (find link below) or forward to others who may be interested and help us to continue to build this valuable resource directory.

ALIGN Resource Bulletin: Non-profit Evaluation Resource Bulletin January 2015

As we step forward into 2016, all agencies strive to assess and improve the quality of service they provide in an ongoing effort to ensure client needs are met with success. In this bulleting you will find resources and links to assist you with evaluation efforts.