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Deadline June 30th  2018
New – Feedback Session

Feedback Session for the Resiliency Framework
Calgary June 22, 2018 10:00 am – 2:00 pm (lunch will be provided)
In follow up to consultations held in May on the Resiliency Framework, you are invited to attend a session with PolicyWise to provide consultation on the evaluation framework that has been developed to support provincial implementation of the Resiliency Framework. Your feedback will be valuable as we move forward with this initiative.
New Trauma Training/Resources
Foundations of Caregiver Support 101 Trauma Training Series Train the Trainer Spring/Summer 2018
The Three Core Trauma-Related Needs Dr. Howard Bath Alberta, January/February
New OHS/Workforce Training/Resources
Bill 17 Caregiver Self-Assessment “Am I a Caregiver?” Alberta Labour Employment Standards Exceptions June 12, 2018
ALIGN Training 2018 – Roadmap to Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems for ALIGN Members
ALIGN & AASP: Roadmap to COR Power Point Presentation
ALIGN OHS Training Grant Memo Spring 2018pdf
ALIGN Presentation: Bill 30: Act to Protect the Health and Well-being of Working Albertans OHS Act Changes
New Caseload Resource
Child and Family Service (CFS) Regions Caseload Trends 1015-16 to 2017-18 presentation by Jon Reeves, Executive Director – Child Intervention – Southern Alberta  May 2018 pdf
New Indigenous Resources
The Indigenous Thought Leaders Presentation Videos
Indigenous Protocol Process Video’s


ALIGN Training & Workshops
Alberta Budget 2018 News & Responses
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Aboriginal New
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Contracting New

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ALIGN Journal Submission – Accepting for Spring Edition

Alberta Emergency After/Hours Caregiver Support
After-Hours Crisis Support Services for Caregivers
Pharmaceutical Nurse Supports Available
Lone Worker Safety Policy, Tools and Considerations
Mental Health Resources for Social Service Agencies & Workers
Natural Disasters – Supporting Client Trauma
Opioid Resources, Research & Initiatives
The Role of Caregivers in Assessing and Managing Risk Related to Opioid Use – A Tip Sheet

ALIGN Leadership Development Program
Indigenous Thought Leader Symposium
Indigenous Advisory Group
CWLC Board Member Updates
Elder Capacity Pilot

Caregiver Sector Network Client Focused Initiatives
Alberta Mentoring Partnership
Allying With Indigenous Peoples: The Practice of Omanitew
Bill 205 Advocates for Persons with Disabilities
Child Intervention Review Panel
Child Intervention Practice Framework (CIPF)
Disabilities Symposium Committee
Family Finding
Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD)
Opioid Resources, Research & Initiatives
Pathways to Mental Health Making Every Step Count for Children in Care
Provincial Trauma Training Group
Resiliency Framework (Previously Early Intervention – Prevention and Early Intervention Framework)
Signs of Safety
Transitioning From Care: A Guide for Caregivers Revised 2016

Procurement Advisory Table (PAT)
Collaboration Table (Formerly The Foster Care Negotiation Table

Workforce & OHS Initiatives
ALIGN Training 2018 – Roadmap to Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems for ALIGN Members
Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships(AASP) as a Certifying Partner (Road Map To COR).
National Standard Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace – COR/WCB
Bill 17 – Fair and Family-Friendly Workplaces Act
Bill 30 Occupational Health and Safety Act
Foundations of Caregiver Support (FCS)
Healthy Workplace, Wellness and Safety in the Child and Family Services Sector
Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)
Workforce Alliance: Cross Association Workforce Survey

Alberta Government Resources Children in Care
Caregivers -Employment Standards Exceptions: Includes Am I a Caregiver?
Government of Alberta Child Intervention Fact Sheets – February 1, 2018
2017 Compensation Guide for Foster and Kinship Caregivers
Alberta Child Welfare Class Action
BABY DAWN: Bed-Sharing With Infants in Foster Care
Bill 205 Advocates for Persons with Disabilities
Child Intervention Practice Framework (CIPF)
Child Intervention Review Panel
Because Young People Matter Report of the Residential Services Review Panel Feb 2016
Family Finding
Fentanyl & Opiate AB Education and Awareness Tools & Naloxone Kits
Foster Care Handbook
Foundations of Caregiver Support 2015
Kinship Care Handbook and Orientation
Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)
Signs of Safety

Sector Agency/Organization Caregiver Resources
Sharing Data and Protecting Privacy: A Case Study from Alberta November 27, 2o17
SAGE “Law & Governance of Secondary Data Use: Obligations of Not-For-Profit Organizations in Alberta”
TST-FC: Helping Caregivers Understand Trauma’s Impact on Children The Annie E Casey Foundation August 2017
CYDL Report June 7, 2017 Longitudinal Study, Experiences of Alberta Children and Youth Over Time, 2005-06 to 2010-11.
Working with Youth to Enhance their Natural Supports: Practice Framework Burns Memorial Fund and United Way of Calgary 2017
Alberta Family Wellness Initiative AFWI
ACD Safe Bathing and Showering Training Manual and Video
Policywise Supporting Every Student Series 

Client Focused Activities, Tools and Resources
If you work directly with children or families visit our Pinterest boards. If you don’t have a pinterest account – it’s free to sign up and an great way to organize your resources or just view the resources we’ve posted on the boards below.
Pinterest Boards
Abuse and Violence
Addiction and Substance Abuse
Brain Development
Child and Youth Care
Early Learning

Referral Directory of Free or Discounted Products, Events, Activities and Services
In the Family Resource section you can access directories with links to goods and services in Albertan’s that are free or discounted to low income Alberta like recreation, toys, school supplies, food, entertainment, hair cuts, medical/dental care and more!

Additional Resource Library Categories
OBSD and Program/Client Evaluation Resources
Governance Resources
OHS Resources

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