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Update September 2017

Children  Services will be bringing Kevin Campbell the Family Finding  trainer across the province in 2018,  to provide  a 4 day boot-camps again and mentoring to help build provincial capacity. We are currently discussing how to bring youth and lifelong networks to Alberta with Kevin. Kevin will also be facilitating 2 workshops at the ALIGN annual conference in January. Kevin will be providing 2 – 1 day workshops for Caregivers in Edmonton January 24th and Calgary January 23th.  The Family Finding is an excellent approach to bringing Trauma Informed  knowledge into practice, aligning with the Signs of Safety and building resiliency in children through building  life long networks.

Kevin Campbell is an internationally known youth permanency expert, founder of the Center for Family Finding and Youth Connectedness and developer of the Family Finding model. This model is a set of strategies now utilized throughout the United States and Canada to establish lifelong supports for children and youth in care.  The Family Finding approach is aligned with the CIPF principles, particularly those of Preserve Family and Connection. Family Finding is also formally connected with the Signs of Safety® practice approach.
For further information on Family Finding, please contact: Kimberly Spicer, Manager, Preservation Supports Human Services, CFS 11th fl Sterling Place Phone: 780 643-9429

Family & Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region are proud to have partnered with Kevin Campbell and Seneca Family of Agencies to be the Canadian Portal of Family Finding. Their goal and commitment is to bring Family Finding across the country and they now offer a variety of services and options to meet all of your training needs.

Click Here for a list of training topics offered by Kevin Campbell and/or Family & Children’s Services.

ALIGN Videos of Family Finding Presentations
Welcome & Opening Prayer
Kim Spicer – 6 CIPF Principles
Kevin Campbell Part 1
Kevin Campbell Part 2
Kevin Campbell Part 3
Kevin Campbell Part 4

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