Food and Meals Free and Discounted Alberta

If you offer food or meals for low income Albertans, please email and include a link to a web page with information (no pdf’s accepted)

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Alberta Government Compensation guide for foster and kinship caregivers
This financial information guide provides caregivers and staff with an overview of financial responsibilities that Child and Family Services (CFS) or Delegated First Nations Agency (DFNA) and caregiver parents have when a child is placed in care. It explains the financial process to access funds for children in care.

Alberta Food Banks
There are an estimated 110+ food banks operating in Alberta.

AHS Calgary Free Food and Meals Directory
This is a list of services in Calgary that offer free food.

Calgary City Cab
Special services include grocery pick & drop for special needs

Calgary Emergency/Community Meals
Agencies, Times and Locations

Edmonton Food Bank Community Meals
Agencies, Times and Locations

Community Kitchen Program (Calgary)
Enhances the capacity of participants to acquire skills in preparing affordable meals, providing fresh fruits & vegetables and developing sound economic management practices.

Food for Peace (Calgary)
Celebrating 10 years as an official Calgary charity, Food for Peace is a volunteer-run program that serves up freshly cooked vegetarian dishes for people in need.

LeftOvers (Calgary)
LeftOvers Calgary salvages usable food and shuttles it to people and programs that need it most.

Meals on Wheels
One of Alberta’s longest standing food charities, Meals on Wheels has delivered door-to-door meals for more than 50 years.

Mealshare (Calgary and Edmonton) With participating restaurants in Calgary and Edmonton, the Mealshare program helps feed the hungry by donating a meal to nonprofits and community organizations like the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre. 

The Alex Community Food Centre (Calgary)
A bright and welcome space to enjoy a healthy meal, or to learn how to cook healthy foods. All of our programs are free, and we give priority to low-income Calgarians. You can learn about the programs offered on the Community Food Centre website, or by calling 403-455-5792.


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