ALIGN Political Toolkit & Key Message 2019

Message from ALIGN E.D. Rhonda Barraclough September 2018

Now available ALIGN Political Toolkit Election 2019  and ALIGN Key Messages Handout 2019

I want to take a few minutes to outline why we have taken the strategy we have this year in hopes that you will understand the messages well and see your agency as well as ALIGN in them. We hope you can use these messages as a foundation for your discussions with politicians in your constituencies.  Our Government Relations Committee (GRC) developed this approach after meeting with some political experts and Paul McLoughlin at our AGM confirmed some of their thinking.  At this point the polls show that the UCP has a high likelihood of wining an election in the spring 2019.  But polls are only good at the time that they are taken, there are still a number of months to go and any strategy should include both or all parties.  Having said that,  there have been a few hints about the UCP we should pay close attention to:

  • If the UCP does become the leaders of the government we will be looking at a whole new legislature so we should not expect that they have a structure as they are very inexperienced in governing as the NDP were when they got in.
  • Currently the government is in the red zone so little to no spending is happening
  • There is little investor confidence in either party
  • The UCP will focus on competition; getting markets reactivated; and the private or outsourcing of delivery of services
  • The NDP like government services but so far have support the human services contracted sector.
  • UCP will shrink government, therefore a message of we are the best people to do the work should resonate
  • There is no new money for either party. We need to argue for incremental increases to support infrastructure and operation in order to sustain the sector.
  • Our agencies have established business practiced and can prove our services are professionally delivered and cost effective. We work for competitive prices and have good outcomes- we are well established.
  • We need to remind parties that there is no saving in diminishing the sector as we help Albertans to remain out of hospitals, in their homes, look after their families; and are effective and efficient.
  • Campaigns matter and you can ensure the candidate has good information.

Our action request is that nominees talk to their colleagues and make sure they understand the value of the sector and support it.  We must be sustained into future.

As nominees are announced, please invite them to visit your agencies or go out and see them, educate people on the work you do for the community.  The toolkit helps you with templates for letters.  ALIGN will be sending out a newsletter to all candidates soon to ensure they hear from us, we will also be going to some of the platform committees and meeting with high profile politicians.  Use the key messages as a foundation for discussion, you should see yourselves as part of a larger sector in there and can outline some examples of the good work you do in your community that the candidate will back and support.

Also encourage your staff to get out and vote!

ALIGN Key Messages Handout 2019

ALIGN Political Toolkit Election 2019

Imagine Canada Early Alert: CRA Issues Draft Guidance on Charities’ Public Policy Work

 Imagine Canada Early Alert: CRA Issues Draft Guidance on Charities’ Public Policy Work
Discussion Paper
The Chief Economist for Canada’s Charitable and Nonprofit Sector released its latest discussion paper in January 2019. In “Unfair or Unwanted? Competition Between Charities and For-Profit Businesses in Canada”, Chief Economist Brian Emmett argues that for-profit businesses and charities co-exist in many markets, both benefiting from government support, and tax policy has little, if any, effect on market shares and earnings of for-profit businesses…

The CRA is accepting comments on the draft guidance explaining how the CRA will administer changes to the Income Tax Act which allow charities to carry on unlimited public policy dialogue and development activities to advance their stated charitable purpose. guidance document until April 23, 2019. All feedback received will be considered to inform the publication of a final version of the guidance.

CG-027, Public Policy dialogue and Development Activities by Charities

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has issued for consultation the draft guidance document CG-027, Public policy dialogue and development activities by charities. This document explains how the CRA expects to administer changes to the Income Tax Act that permit a charity to carry on unlimited public policy dialogue and development activities in furtherance of a stated charitable purpose. This includes guidelines on what is direct and indirect support or opposition to a political party or candidate for public office.

The publication of the guidance follows Parliament passing legislation that changes the rules governing charities’ political activities. These changes were included in Budget Implementation Act, 2018, No. 2, which received Royal Assent on December 13, 2018.

The CRA is accepting comments on the guidance document until April 23, 2019. All feedback received will be considered to inform the publication of a final version of the guidance.

Position Paper Calling for an Integrated Approach to Early Childhood Development.

First 2000 Days Network in Calgary link, align and leverage work to promote the importance of Early Childhood Development (ages 0 to 5). They’ve launched an engagement campaign ahead of the provincial election to try and get this issue in front of candidates

The evidence is clear: What happens from the ages of 0 to 5 can alter the course of a person’s life. Let’s not waste an opportunity to invest in this most powerful and formative time. Together, we can make sure that every Alberta child has the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential.

The First 2000 Days has released a position paper calling for an integrated approach to Early Childhood Development. To help spread this call, we’ve created a campaign to put ECD on the policy agenda for the 2019 Provincial election.

For this initiative to be successful, we want as many candidates, community and sector leaders, friends and colleagues to understand that ECD matters! You are invited to use one or all of the resources below to tell people that investing in the Early Years is important to you.

Download the Q-Cards series.

What is your party’s plan to invest
in Early Childhood Development?

How does your party plan to address and improve mental health amongst children and their primary caregivers?

What is your party’s plan to end child poverty?

How will your party support children in the early years to improve school readiness?

Bill C-86 Public Policy Dialogue and Political Activities by Charities

On August 15, 2018, the Honourable Diane Lebouthillier, Minister of National Revenue, and the Honourable Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance, issued a joint statement on the Government of Canada’s commitment to clarify the rules governing the political activities of charities by amending the Income Tax Act to implement changes consistent with Recommendation no. 3 of the Report of the Consultation Panel on the Political Activities of Charities.

To move forward with its commitment, the Government released draft legislative proposals for consultation on September 14, 2018. On October 29, 2018, taking into account feedback the Government received from stakeholders in response to the consultation process, the Government introduced revised legislation in Bill C-86 that allows a charity to devote up to 100% of its total resources to public policy dialogue and development activities. Under the revised measures, which received Royal Assent on December 13, 2018, charities are still required to have exclusively charitable purposes and are still prohibited from undertaking activities that support or oppose a political party or candidate for public office.

Update: ALIGN Meets with Minister Larivee at the Legislature Re: Sector Financial Issues

Update: December 12, 2018

Message from ALIGN E.D.

The Board of Directors and I met with the Minister of Children Services Danielle Larivee last week.  Our meeting was a result of the letter we sent to the Premier. In our discussion we reviewed who we are, how many people we represent and the current financial issues we are facing.   According to the Boland report we are back up to a 47% turnover rate, agencies are reporting difficulty in hiring and ALIGN has had an unprecedented number of jobs posted on our website.  Interestingly as I reviewed our history for the meeting we are in a 6 year wave again.  It seems that every 6 years we are in this predicament.

We were able to state that in each of those times we were able to develop some sort of business relationship committee which help everyone understand the issues and collaboratively work on them, we also have been able to work on flexibility in contracts and in some cases injections of short term funds as a stop gap. At this time, there is a promise of some funding to cover the paid days off vacation requirements in Bill 17, and there is some discussion of support for the costs of Bill 30.  The Minister also assures us she is trying to request increased funding in the 2019/20 budget, with a special emphasis on the group care sector.

We emphasized that the added expectations over the past few years, and in the next few years with the Stronger Safer Tomorrow recommendations in all service delivery areas there is a need to fund those as we cannot sustain the good practice with just minor adjustments.  We stressed that group care, contact foster care and kinship care must have attention soon.  We would like to see a clear procurement plan, and contracts that includes the costs of the new legislation, regular cost of living increases, and a realistic cost for operating.  Generally speaking group care was last procured in 2006 and contract foster care in 2008.

We continue to advocate on your behalf, if you are really struggling you need to make your challenges known to your contract managers.  If you are beginning to close programs can please let me know.  I have monthly meetings with the policy and program division of the Ministry and we want to make sure they are aware of the challenges within the sector.

Board members of ALIGN Association met with Minister Larivee at the Legislature on Dec 4, 2018. Not all of the board members were able to be in attendance but those that were had an opportunity along with ALIGN E.D. Rhonda Barraclough to  discuss fiscal challenges in the sector. We appreciated this opportunity for dialogue and look forward to ongoing input and discussions moving forward.

Jeff Hansen, Aaron Hachkowski, Margaret Martin, Soraya Saliba, Rhonda Barraclough, Hazel Bergen, Bruce Armson, Pauline Smale, Robecca Chahine  (Not able to attend: Cheryl Whiskeyjack, Beverly Keeshig-Soonias, Bruce Rafuse, Julie Mann- Johnson)

ALIGN Update Re: Government Relations & Alberta Council Recent Poling Stats

Update from ALIGN E.D. December 12, 2018

Government Relations

According to Alberta Council Recent poling states:



Speculation is an election will be called for March

Our government relations committee (GRC) is meeting in January to compose some questions that are relevant that you and your staff might want to ask those that come knocking on your doors or that you go visit in the New Year.  We encourage you to take the key messages (on our website) and invite candidates to your agencies to meet with you.  If not, go talk to them about the sector, your strengths and challenges wherever you can.  There will be many forums, or they will host office meeting or town halls.  Alternatively just ask for a meeting. They need to understand how the sector works, and how we provide excellent services.

The GRC will continue to offer suggestions and questions as they work through some of the communications research we have.  I have reached out and hope to meet with Jason Nixon and Leela Aheer from the UCP party and Stephen Mandel and Greg Clark from the Alberta Party.   We have also been offered the ability to submit a position statement to the UCP on the sector.  I am working on that now.

Here are the candidates as of today.  You can get contact information by googling them or checking the Election Alberta website.  We strongly encourage you to reach out to those in your home riding and your office riding.  We need to inform the politician about the sector.

Constituency NDP UCP ABP Liberal Other
31/87 68/87 47/87 5/87
Airdrie-Cochrane Peter Guthrie
Airdrie-East Angela Pitt
Athabasca-Barrhead-Westlock Glenn van Dijken
Banff-Kananaskis Cam Westhead Miranda Rosin Brenda Stanton
Bonnyville-Cold Lake-St. Paul Dave Hanson Glenn Anderson
Brooks-Medicine Hat Michaela Glasgo Jim Black
Calgary-Acadia Brian Pincott Tyler Shandro Lana Bentley
Calgary-Beddington Randy Kerr Karen McPherson
Calgary-Bow Demetrios Nicolaides
Calgary-Buffalo Joe Ceci Tom Olsen Omar Masood
Calgary-Cross Mickey Amery
Calgary-Currie Brian Malkinson Nicholas Milliken Lindsay Luhnau
Calgary-East Peter Singh Gar Gar
Calgary-Edgemont Prasad Panda Joanne Gui
Calgary-Elbow Janet Eremenko Doug Schweitzer Greg Clark
Calgary-Falconridge Deepak Sharma
Calgary-Fish Creek Richard Gotfried
Calgary-Foothills Jason Luan Jennifer Wyness
Calgary-Glenmore Whitney Issik Scott Appleby Allie Tulick (Green)
Calgary-Hays Ric McIver
Calgary-Klein Craig Coolahan Jeremy Nixon Kara Levis
Calgary-Lougheed Jason Kenney Rachel Timmermans
Calgary-McCall Irfan Sabir Jasraj Singh Hallan
Calgary-Mountain View Kathleen Ganley Angela Kokott David Khan Thana Boonlert (Green)
Calgary-North East Rajan Sawhney Nate Pike Gul Khan
Calgary-North West Sonya Savage Andrew Bradley
Calgary-Peigan Tanya Fir
Calgary-Shaw Rebecca Schulz Bronson Ha
Calgary-South East Eva Kiryakos Rick Fraser
Calgary-Varsity Anne McGrath Jason Copping Beth Barberree Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes (Green)
Calgary-West Mike Ellis
Camrose Jackie Lovely
Cardston-Siksika Jospeh Schow
Central Peace-Notley Marg McCuaig-Boyd Todd Loewen
Chestermere-Strathmore Leela Aheer Derek Fildebrandt (FCP)
Cypress-Medicine Hat Drew Barnes
Drayton Valley-Devon Kieren Quirke Mark Smith
Drumheller-Stettler Nathan Horner Mark Nikota
Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview Deron Bilous David Egan Jeff Walters
Edmonton-Castle Downs Ed Ammar Moe Rahall
Edmonton-City Centre David Shepherd Lily Le Bob Philip
Edmonton-Decore Karen Principe Ali Haymour
Edmonton-Ellerslie Rod Loyola
Edmonton-Glenora Sarah Hoffman Marjorie Newman Glen Tickner
Edmonton-Gold Bar Marlin Schmidt David Dorward Diana Ly
Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood Janis Irwin Tish Prouse
Edmonton-Manning Heather Sweet
Edmonton-McClung Lorne Dach Laurie Mozenson Stephen Mandel
Edmonton-Meadows Amrit Matharu
Edmonton-Millwoods Christina Gray Anju Sharma Abdi Bakal
Edmonton-North West David Eggen Ali Eltayeb
Edmonton-Riverview Lori Sigurdson Kara Barker Katherine O’Neill
Edmonton-Rutherford Richard Feehan Hannah Presakarchuk Aisha Rauf
Edmonton-South Tunde Obasan Pramod Kumar
Edmonton-South West Mo Elsalhy
Edmonton-Strathcona Rachel Notley
Edmonton-West Henday Jon Carson Nicole Williams Winston Leung
Edmonton-Whitemud Elizabeth Hughes Jonathan Dai
Fort McMurray-Lac La Biche Laila Goodridge
Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo Tany Yao
Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville Jackie Armstrong Marvin Olsen
Grande Prairie Tracy Allard
Grande Prairie-Wapiti Travis Toews
Highwood RJ Sigurdson
Innisfail-Sylvan Lake
Lac Ste. Anne-Parkland Oneil Carlier Don McCargar
Lacombe-Ponoka Ron Orr Myles Chykerda
Leduc-Beaumont Shaye Anderson Brad Rutherford
Lesser Slave Lake Danielle Larivee Pat Rehn Judy Kim-Meneen
Lethbridge-East Maria Fitzpatrick
Lethbridge-West Shannon Phillips
Livingstone-Macleod Tim Meech Dylin Hauser
Maskwacis-Wetaskiwin Richard Wilson
Morinville-St. Albert Dale Nally
Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills Nathan Cooper
Peace River Daniel Williams
Red Deer-North Adriana LaGrange Paul Hardy
Red Deer-South Barb Miller Ryan McDougal
Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre Jason Nixon
Sherwood Park Sue Timanson
Spruce Grove-Stony Plain
St. Albert Jeff Wedman
Strathcona-Sherwood Park Nate Glubish Dave Quest
Taber-Warner Grant Hunter
West Yellowhead Martin Long Kristie Gomuwka

ALIGN Political Toolkit Election 2019  and ALIGN Key Message Election 2019 IGN ED Update Dec 2018 (FCS, Bill 30, Government Relations, PDD Review, Conference..) For Election News and Alberta 2018 Budget Responses Click Here


An Update on the Political Activities Saga

Federal Government has finally tabled legislation in Parliament to allow charities to engage more fully in ‘Political Activities’. In a previous article on this topic Political Activities…Revisited … Again we explored the history of the issue up to the release of proposed legislation in September 2018, since then there has been a consultation period and now the Government’s proposed legislation is being considered in Parliament…

Rules of Engagement for Nonprofit Policy Advocacy By Lina Khatib, CCVO Policy Analyst Nov 2018

Rules of Engagement for Nonprofit Policy Advocacy By Lina Khatib, CCVO Policy Analyst
Before, during, and after election periods, nonprofits can help spread knowledge about voting rights and how relevant issues impact both communities and individuals. By providing a platform for public policy dialogue, more voices can be heard, and our democratic process is strengthened. Before your organization engages in public policy advocacy, make sure to understand the rules and regulations around what you can and cannot do, so you can engage with clarity and confidence. Read more →

Charities and Nonprofits: Alberta Election 2019 News & Resources

Includes news, reports, resources and training related to nonprofits/charities and political activities. Be prepared for 2019 Alberta Election and view ALIGN Key Message and Political Tool Kit.

Letter from ALIGN Association to The Honorable Rachel Notley Re: Bill 17 and Bill 30

The Honorable Rachel Notley,

We want to commend you on leading your party, as government, for a full term and look forward to another term of the NDP next spring. We appreciate your efforts in implementing a number of initiatives for the human services sector and the vulnerable Albertans we serve. As you are aware, ALIGN represents a number of agencies that contract with Children Services to provide a range of services from community support to campus based residential treatment care and everywhere in between. ALIGN also represents Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) agencies.

Over the last year, implementation of Bill 17 and Bill 30 have had some unforeseen and unintended consequences for workers in this sector. While the intention is admirable, the added costs of providing service with respect to the changes required in each piece of legislation are unintentionally prohibitive. ..Read Full Letter

Excerpt: Bill 17 – The Fair and Family-friendly Workplaces Act
We have been working along with Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS) and Alberta Home Visitation Network Association (AHVNA) and the Ministries of Community and Social Services, Children’s Services and Labour to explore regulatory options to changes in overtime requirements in Bill 17. During that time, numerous options were explored and some moments of frustration occurred as well as conflicting information and false starts. We have advocated for the flexibility required to manage the issue. Through meeting with the three Deputy Ministers we have arrived at a confirmation that the existing Caregiver Exemption should be interpreted broadly and applied to most direct service roles across Child Intervention, Home Visitation, PDD and FSCD. As a result of our negotiations and the legislative requirements, and nature of staffing for 24/7 operations, there has been significant added costs for statutory pay and overtime. Many agencies have had to stop offering… Read Full Letter

Excerpt Bill 30 – An Act to Protect the Health and Well-Being of Working Albertans
We continue to discuss the impact and concerns related to changes to OHS requirements in Bill 30 with Ministry officials at Community and Social Services, Children Services and Alberta Labour including the human resource, administrative and financial impacts. Those issues include OHS expectations related to violence, right to refuse work, supervisory expectations and Health and Safety Committees. Although we support the intent and spirit of the legislation it has created some unexpected financial hardships. We have shared our concerns with ministry officials regarding these requirements and the challenges regarding recruitment, retention and training needs as well as the potential for an employer to have numerous smaller “worksites”. Alberta Labour has confirmed that..Read Full Letter

See More Related ALIGN Correspondence & Initiatives
Bill 17 – Fair and Family-Friendly Workplaces Act 
Bill 30 Occupational Health and Safety Act

ALIGN Directory – Election 2019 Alberta Nonprofit/Charities and Election News, Tool Kits & Resources Re Political Activity

Apathy is Boring Looking for RISE Ambassadors in Edmonton & Youth Election Readiness Tool Kit

Apathy is Boring Looking for RISE Ambassadors in Edmonton
Apathy is Boring is a non-partisan, charitable organization that supports and educates youth to be active and contributing citizens in Canada’s democracy. An initiative of Canada Service Corps, the RISE program is one way for young people to take action in their communities. Over the course of 20 weeks, the RISE Ambassadors from Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto will co-create and execute a community project promoting social inclusion in their cities.

Creating A Sustainable Dialogue Around Elections Election Readiness Toolkit Manual
This manual has been developed to help community organizations, like yours support youth engagement and involvement when an election is called.

This short informative video explains how government works and how issues that YOU care about are affected by voting and relevant policies.

ALIGN Directory – Election 2019 Alberta Nonprofit/Charities and Election News, Tool Kits & Resources Re Political Activity

Elections Alberta Resources

Alberta Elections – Resources for political parties, including information about how to register with the Chief Electoral Officer, a list of contact information of registered political parties and guides on various topics, such as filing financial reports and the responsibilities of financial agents. Visit Site to See Full List of Resources

Election Readiness Toolkit

Request a Presentation
Do you want to add a memorable event to your classroom or community group? – Our tailored presentations run for roughly one hour and provide a comprehensive look into provincial systems. Active and fun, it’s a great way to engage your audience and get your questions answered.

Resources, Maps & Legislation

Election Simulation pdf
The information, forms and templates in this Election Simulation resource are designed to actively engage students with issues they are concerned about, give them opportunities to stand as candidates for an election, explore political party affiliations, run campaigns and vote in an election.

ALIGN Directory – Election 2019 Alberta Nonprofit/Charities and Election News, Tool Kits & Resources Re Political Activity

Government of Canada Resources for Charities about Political Activities

The information released by the Government on October 25, 2018, proposes new measures which will allow a charity to carry out unlimited “public policy dialogue and development activities” in support of its stated charitable purposes. Consequently, the Canada Revenue Agency will release updated questions and answers and information for charities on the administration of the new rules by the end of the calendar year.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has developed a series of webpages to help charities that undertake political activities to understand and comply with the rules regarding these activities. These pages explain and highlight key elements from Policy statement CPS-022, Political activities. For information on the political activities audit program and its results See Links Here

Video series: Charities and their participation in political activities

A Political Activities PowerPoint Presentation is available upon request. If you would like a copy to share with your organization, email Issues Management, Communications and Outreach.

ALIGN Directory – Election 2019 Alberta Nonprofit/Charities and Election News, Tool Kits & Resources Re Political Activity

ACEE on Charities and Political Activity

ACEE overview of political, charitable and prohibited activities for Alberta charities

Political activities
A charity may take part in political activities provided that these activities are non-partisan and connected and subordinate to the charity’s purpose. Charities must restrict such activities to no more than 10% of their ‘effort.’ These activities would include:

  • An explicit call to political action (encouraging the public to contact elected officials).
  • Communication to the public that the law, policy, or decision of any level of government in Canada or a foreign country should be retained, opposed, or changed.
  • Any activity or materials that seek to put pressure on an elected representative or public official to retain, oppose or change law, policy or decisions of any level of government in Canada or a foreign country.

Charitable activities

  • Direct representation to public or elected officials. This includes meetings to which those officials have been invited, even if they are not present. The representation can advocate that the law or policy be changed but IT MUST relate to an issue that is connected to the charity’s purposes, be well-reasoned, and not contain false, inaccurate or misleading information.
  • Posting complete text of these representations is considered to be a charitable activity if there is no call to political action.
  • General public awareness activities must be fact-based and well-reasoned, and cannot promote a point of view as the sole main activity.
  • Advertisements need to include contact information.

Prohibited activities charity may NOT take part in an illegal activity or a partisan political activity.

ALIGN Directory – Election 2019 Alberta Nonprofit/Charities and Election News, Tool Kits & Resources Re Political Activity

The Alberta Nonprofit Network, Collective Action, Your Board, And Alberta Politics 2019 Edmonton November 28, 2018

Edmonton November 28, 2018, join ECVO as they continue to explore the current and future political landscapes in Alberta. Karen Link and Russ Dahms will update local NPO board members on the work of the Alberta Nonprofit Network (ABNN) and its Elections Preparedness working group. Karen and Russ will facilitate a conversation exploring the emerging issues and the collective voice of the sector as we approach the upcoming 2019 election.

Your participation will inform:

  • How ABNN defines and responds to election issues that broadly impact the nonprofit sector in Alberta.
    • Such as:
      • Lottery Fund
  • Potential opportunities for collective action in response to the identified strategic issues.
  • What resources and capacities could be leveraged throughout the network.

The Alberta Nonprofit Network (ABNN) seeks to advance a cohesive, pro-active, and responsive nonprofit sector in Alberta. ABNN sees an opportunity to engage one another in defining and responding to systemic issues that impact the nonprofit sector in Alberta, enable opportunities for collective action in response to strategic issues, and leverage learning and resources towards increasing the quality of life and well-being of all Albertans


6:00 pm – Light Dinner and Networking

6:30 pm – Topic Presentation and Discussion Topics

cplea answers: Can my landlord prevent me from displaying an election sign supporting a particular candidate?

Question of the month from the Garvie Reading Room: Can my landlord prevent me from displaying an election sign supporting a particular candidate?

This depends on the type of election. Both the Canada Elections Act (S.C. 2000, c. 9), section 322, and the Alberta Election Act (E.1, RSA 2000), section 135.5 state clearly that no landlord may prohibit a tenant from displaying election advertising posters on the premises nor may any condominium corporation prohibit any owner or tenant from displaying such posters. They do allow the landlord or condominium corporation to set reasonable limits on the size or type of posters and to prohibit such displays in common areas of the building…

ALIGN Directory – Election 2019 Alberta Nonprofit/Charities and Election News, Tool Kits & Resources Re Political Activity

CCVO Report Released State of the Alberta Nonprofit Sector 2018

The report explores the state of the nonprofit sector, looks to the year ahead, and shares priorities of nonprofits for the upcoming provincial election – and some suggestions for collective action.

HIGHLIGHTS– a sample of what we heard from nonprofits across Alberta:

1. There is a cautious optimism among sector leaders – despite the lingering impacts of the economic downturn on funding availability.

2. There is uncertainty about the impact of the next provincial election around potential changing priorities and available funding.

3. There are three main issues that the sector would like to see addressed by political parties in the upcoming provincial election:

  • Clearer communications between the government and the sector.
  • Recognition of the contributions that the nonprofit sector makes both socially and economically.
  • More sustainable, predictable, and flexible funding.

Visit CCVO Site for Details and Report CCVO State of the Alberta Nonprofit Sector 2018

ALIGN Directory – Election 2019 Alberta Nonprofit/Charities and Election News, Tool Kits & Resources Re Political Activity

Are You An Organization Lobbyist? Drache Aptowitzer LLP October 22, 2018

Are You An Organization Lobbyist? October 22, 2018
Much has been written about the recent court case and the subsequent proposed Income Tax Act amendments concerning political activities of registered charities.  Organizations that are not registered charities but just non-profit organizations, may have not given the issue much thought as all, except perhaps, pause to consider if the perceived relaxation of political activities for charities might open the door for charitable registration to non-profit organizations that would not have qualified before.  The answer to this may be a bit murky right now. However, what is clear is that any organization, whether it is a charity or not, needs to pay attention to and keep up with lobbying legislation in case the organization needs to do something about those rules…

ALIGN Directory – Election 2019 Alberta Nonprofit/Charities and Election News, Tool Kits & Resources Re Political Activity

CCVO Why Nonprofits Matter: 3 Major Contributions of the Nonprofit Sector

CCVO Why Nonprofits Matter: 3 Major Contributions of the Nonprofit Sector
In advance of the upcoming provincial election, it’s important for nonprofits to recognize the potential influence they have, and meaningfully engage in public policy dialogue to capture the attention of political parties and candidates.

Nonprofits have a profound impact in Alberta and it’s important that individual organizations talk about the value of the sector as a whole – but it can be challenging to communicate the greater value of the sector to government. To help articulate this, we’ve highlighted three major contributions of the nonprofit sector that demonstrate its collective impact on society and the economy. Read more →

This blog is the first in a series from CCVO’s nonprofit election toolkit being developed to provide with resources, tools, and information to engage in the next provincial election.

ALIGN Directory – Election 2019 Alberta Nonprofit/Charities and Election News, Tool Kits & Resources Re Political Activity

Danielle Larivee CS Minister Correspondence Re: Post Budget Teleconference

Correspondence to ALIGN from  Danielle Larivee  CS Minister April 4, 2018

Thank you to everyone who joined our post-budget teleconference. For those of you who couldn’t make it, I’m pleased to be able to provide the following summary of the conversation. You can also access and audio recording of my remarks by clicking here.

Children’s Services first year as a standalone ministry was filled with challenging, exciting work and I am very proud of what we have been able to achieve. Budget 2018 supports our ongoing focus to improve the lives of young people and their families. Every child, regardless of whose care they are in, deserves to grow up in a safe, loving, nurturing environment.

In Alberta, we continue to see significant growth in the number of children and youth, which directly impacts many of the frontline services and supports Children’s Services provides to children and families. Our government is committed to protecting vital supports for children, youth and families by investing in frontline services to ensure they have opportunities to thrive and reach their full potential.

I am pleased to have this opportunity to share details on investments our government is committing to Children’s Services in Budget 2018.

Budget 2018 makes an additional investment of $144 million for total funding of $1.35 billion in Children’s Services. In most cases funding increases are targeted to address caseload and the greater complexity of needs presented by the children and families we support…

Read Full Letter Danielle Larivee CS Minister Correspondence Re Budget 2018 sent April 4 2018


Alberta Budget 2018 News & Response Update

Budget 2018
Read the budget speech
Budget Highlights
Watch the budget livestream
Watch the pre-budget news conference
Listen to the pre-budget news conference

CCVO’s pre-budget submission – informed by nonprofit sector input – asked the Government to think and spend differently in the provincial budget. The value and importance of the nonprofit sector was highlighted in Budget 2018 released yesterday, however, there continues to be more opportunity to move beyond the status quo and think differently about public finances to more sustainably serve Alberta’s communities. Click here to read more about CCVO’s initial reaction to Alberta Budget 2018 and what it means for our communities.
Drache Aptowitzer LLP Crisis Averted By:  Adam Aptowitzer
In our review of Budget 2018, we made some comments related to the concept of prescribed universities. Readers may recall that the Income Tax Act has, for many years, contained an allowance that certain foreign universities would be considered as qualified donees in Canada (akin to registered charities) if they met certain requirements. Several years ago, Parliament effectively created a secondary registration mechanism for these types of foreign universities. And in the most recent budget Parliament effectively removed the designation of ‘prescribed universities’ so that there was only one process. Our concern, as noted here, was that the technical…

Canada Social Report – October 2017 Federal and Provincial/Territorial Policy Monitors

Monitoring the daily policy announcements of Canadian federal and provincial/territorial governments provides both a searchable record of action and a dynamic view of the country’s social policy priorities. Now Available Canada Social Report – October 2017 Federal and Provincial/Territorial Policy Monitors

Canada Social Report: September 2017 Federal and Provincial/Territorial Policy Monitors

Canada Social Report:
A Compendium of Social Information

Originally inspired by the dismantling of the long-form Census in 2010, the Canada Social Report acts as a major hub for social information.  It is a resource for the entire social sector – to give all of us a strong voice and a powerful evidence base for informed policy conversations and the formulation of intelligent policy solutions.

See the September 2017 Federal and Provincial/Territorial Policy Monitors, and the spring 2017 edition of the Municipal Monitor

CCVO’s Provincial Budget Analysis

The 2017 provincial budget presented on March 16 was a ‘hold the line’ budget going into the third year of economic downturn. CCVO’s analysis of Budget 2017 first provides commentary on cross-cutting nonprofit issues, then highlights certain funding adjustments affecting subsectors.

Although the government held the line for Budget 2017, questions remain about the province’s fiscal sustainability going forward.

As part of their ongoing work, you can share your thoughts on Budget 2017 and our analysis by email to

ALIGN Executive Director Update Re: Alberta Budget 2017

March 19, 2017

Dear members:

Last week the government announced Budget 2017.  We have been capturing the relevant information for you and placing it on our website.  There will be more analysis this week but we thought we would share what we have learned to date.

This budget for Children’s Services and Community and Support Services basically is a maintain status quo budget for both ministries. Any increases that are mentioned are to meet current needs.  No increases or forecasted increases.

In Children’s Services most increases went to growth caseload areas; financial and support agreements and advancing futures bursary funds.  The 60 FTE’s announced are to be put into the system in these growth areas.  Exactly where is still to be determined.

Senior staff are optimistic that funds will come with future recommendations made by the Child Intervention Review Panel.

We have had conversations about procurement, contracts, and moving forward with the Minister and senior executives.  With the splitting of the ministries it has been a bit confusing about who will address the procurement table recommendations.  We have made it very clear that this activity needs to receive focus and cant wait for panels.  We are assured that discussions are underway to figure out a way forward for services in child intervention.

We also  feel it is very important that the Panel get an accurate picture of the entire system and recommendations for improvement. Please review the minutes and live casts. The meetings are open to the public.  I would encourage you to attend or at least listen to it.  If you feel an area needs to be highlighted please send in a submission.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email or call 780 485-3580

Rhonda Barraclough ALIGN Executive Director March 19, 2017

CCVO Budget 2017 Holds the Line on Spending March 17, 2017

CCVO Budget 2017 Holds the Line on Spending March 17, 2017

Budget 2017-18 holds the line on spending as Alberta enters the third year of economic downturn. The budget maintains spending on front-line public services, which is consistent with what the government had signaled leading up to yesterday’s release. A projected $10.3 billion deficit should remain a concern to the sector, as potential future cuts to balance the budget could significantly impact nonprofit organizations.

“While the budget provides much needed financial stability for organizations struggling to meet increased community needs and coping with reductions in other funding sources, the longer-term consequences of relying so heavily on debt to finance government operations is concerning,” says Katherine van Kooy, President and CEO of the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO)…

Budget Updates Danielle Larivee Minister Children’s Services March 16, 2017

Children’s Services Non-Voting Operational Expense Budget 2017

All children and families in Alberta deserve opportunities to thrive within strong, supportive communities. Our government created a new, standalone Children’s Services ministry so that we can focus on improving the supports we provide for young people and their families. Today I am thrilled to share details on commitments that our government is able to make to Children’s Services in Budget 2017.

All children and families in Alberta deserve opportunities to thrive within strong, supportive communities. Our government created a new, standalone Children’s Services ministry so that we can focus on improving the supports we provide for young people and their families. Today I am thrilled to share details on commitments that our government is able to make to Children’s Services in Budget 2017.

Budget 2017 is focused on strengthening the things that matter most to Albertans, such as creating and supporting jobs, making life more affordable for families and protecting public services.

As Alberta’s population continues to grow, the economic downturn puts additional pressure on the social services sector. Despite this, Budget 2017 makes an additional investment of $86 million in Children’s Services to:

  • provide stable funding to maintain the programs and services that support at‑risk children and youth;
  • focus on protecting children;
  • and support working in partnership with communities and Indigenous partners to build relationships and improve outcomes for all children.

This year, our ministry will invest almost $1.4 billion to keep children healthy and safe, support parents with child care and build stronger families and communities by maintaining the quality of programs and services.Children’s Services Non-Voting Operational Expense Budget 2017

Budget 2017 protects previous investments and accommodates caseload growth including an additional:

  • $32.5 million for child intervention for total funding of $763 million. This includes $5 million for about 60 new positions (FTEs);
  • $14.3 million for child care for total funding of $321 million. This includes supports for a growing number of child care programs to become accredited and to recruit and maintain qualified staff.
  • $10.6 million for early intervention services for children and youth for total funding of $103 million so that we can continue to invest in enhanced early childhood development and parenting resources in communities to help families support their child’s optimal health and development.
  • And an additional $27 million for total funding of $174 million for the Alberta Child Benefit, which provides direct financial assistance to all lower income families with income below $41,220 per year

While we have taken action and made significant investments in the future of our province, there is always more that can be done. I remain committed to working with all of you to address the root causes of many of the issues affecting the safety and well‑being of children, including poverty, addiction, mental health concerns, and family violence.

Some of you may be interested in progress towards implementation of the Early Learning and Child Care Centres that Premier announced in November. We are making progress towards identifying the successful applicants and I hope to be able to announce the Centres soon.

Others may be interested in progress on the work to support the Ministerial Panel on Child Intervention. Our government formed the Panel to support families and children by improving the child death review process and strengthening Alberta’s child intervention system as a whole. Once the Panel’s work wraps up, the Panel’s recommendations will guide our ongoing work on this critical priority.

I look forward to sharing more on these initiatives soon.

Budget 2017 is about making lives better for Albertans. It’s about protecting the services that matter and focusing on the areas where we can make a difference today. With a steady approach we will make progress to support families and communities.

More details on Budget 2017 are available online and I look forward to continued discussions about this and other issues that you champion as I meet more of you in the future. In the meantime, if you would like to stay informed about the work in Children’s Services, I invite you to follow the department’s new twitter presence at @AB_Children or reach out to me directly via my office.

Sincerely, Danielle Larivee Minister Children’s Services

Alberta Government Throne Speech

Today’s speech from the throne takes significant new steps to make life better for Alberta families. Reducing school fees, building new schools, standing up in court for the Trans Mountain Pipeline, working with the federal government to create good oilfield service jobs, implementing a consumer bill of rights and expanding protections for victims of sexual and domestic assault are among key initiatives that will define Alberta’s next legislative session.

“Creating jobs, diversifying our economy, building pipelines and making life more affordable for families – that’s your government’s focus.”

Premier Rachel Notley
View Alberta Government News Release

Imagine Canada Making Sure your Charity Reports Political Activity Correctly

The latest Sector Monitor survey (Dec 2016) found that far more charities are engaging in political activities than has commonly been believed. Fully 31% of charities responding to the survey indicated they had engaged in at least one political activity over the previous year. However, only about one in ten of them reported this political activity to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on their T3010 Information Return. To help charities avoid this pitfall, we look at reasons for this under-reporting and offer some practical tips to aid reporting.

CCVO Government Relations Tool Kit 2016

A useful Tool Kit with resources to support you if you are planning to speak with a MLA, organizing an awareness campaign or crafting your approach to public policy and advocacy.