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Bill 30 Occupational Health and Safety Act Update Dec 12, 2018
OHS Staff Safety Initiative Update December 12, 2018
Letter from ALIGN to The Honorable Rachel Notley Re: Bill 17 &30 October 19, 2018
Update Sept 2018 Roadmap to COR
Updates Care Worker Violence Prevention Focused Inspection Program
ALIGN Self Care for Workers Resource Bulletin June 2018
ALIGN & AASP: Roadmap to COR Power Point Presentation
ALIGN Presentation: Bill 30:  OHS Act Changes
Update to AASP – Road Map To COR.
ALIGN Updates Regarding Bill 17 – Fair and Family-Friendly Workplaces Act
ALIGN Updates Regarding Bill 30 Occupational Health and Safety Act
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Occupational Health and Safety Act Chapter 0-2.1
Occupational Health and Safety Code
Occupational Health and Safety Regulation
New OHS Website: Work site health and safety committees and representatives
Applying for a joint work site health and safety committee pdf Posted Dec 12, 2018
HSC HS Rep Approval Self-Evaluation Tool pdf posted Dec 12, 2018
Mental Health Services Protection Act Technical Briefing, QA and Fact Sheet November 2018
Alberta Cannabis Framework and legislation
Impairment in the workplace
Medical use of cannabis (Government of Canada)
Application for OHS Innovation and Engagement (I&E) Grants
Alberta Government Health & Safety Enews September 2018
Know Your Obligations After a Workplace Incident Employer Fact Sheet
Alberta Health Resource How to Spot an Opioid Overdose
Bill 17 Caregiver Self-Assessment “AM I A CAREGIVER?”Employment Standards Exceptions
Book: The Culture Question by Randy Grieser, Eric Stutzman, Wendy Loewen, and Michael Labun. How to Create a Workplace Where People Like to Work
New Resource – CTA’s Caregiver Challenge Estimator
eMental Health Call for Community Expression of Interest Deadline September 28, 2018
CCSA ‘Best Practices across the Continuum of Care for the Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder’ August 2018
CCVO – A Whole New World: 4 Things to Watch for and Consider in the New OH&S Act July 2018
ACSW Your Professional Duties Around Take Home Naloxone Kits
Are You Personally Top 3 Reliable in Safety? By Kevin Burns 2018
OHS Training Upcoming Workshops, Conferences, Course


Alberta Emergency/After-Hours Caregiver Support
After-Hours Crisis Support Services for Caregivers
Pharmaceutical Nurse Supports Available
Lone Worker Safety
Natural Disasters/Supporting Client Trauma
New Website – Fentanyl Safety for First Responders
The Role of Caregivers in Assessing and Managing Risk Related to Opioid Use – A Tip Sheet
ACSW Your Professional Duties Around Take Home Naloxone Kits

OHS Training Upcoming Workshops, Conferences, Course and Training Providers

ALIGN Resources/Initiatives OHS

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OHS Safety Requirements/Culture/Systems/Wellness
OHS Emergency Planning also see Natural Disasters/Supporting Client Trauma
OHS Evaluation
OHS Policy Development/Samples
OHS Supporting Employees With Disabilities
Hazards Resources
Hazard/Risk Assessment
Section 1
OHS Biological ( (pandemic, bacteria, viruses, molds, insects, plants, birds, animals, humans disease)
OHS Chemical (chemicals, toxic substances, meth exposure)
OHS Cannabis In The Workplace
OHS Opioids and The Workplace
OHS Physical (physical health/safety and unsafe conditions that can cause injury, illness and death) 
Section 2
OHS Bullying/Harassment/Discrimination/Lateral Violence
OHS Family/Intimate Partner Violence Considerations
OHS Lone Worker Safety Policy, Tools and Considerations
OHS Mental Health (focus on Care Providers)
OHS Violence in the Workplace

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