The Muttart Foundation Funding For Your Organization’s Professional Development

Are you looking for funding for your organization’s professional development? The Muttart Foundation has two bursary programs open to registered charities working in the social service and early childhood education and care fields.  This bursary program allows charities to apply for funding to allow their staff members to attend courses offered through publicly funded educational institutions or non-profit organizations.  We sometimes look at providing support to allow staff members to attend conferences that relate to their work at the organization.

In the past, we’ve provided funding to allow individuals to obtain computer training, management training, take part in leadership programs, and courses that allow them to brush up on their knowledge and skills to better serve their clients.  I’ve attached a link to our bursary application form if you are interested in applying.

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Should you have further questions about our bursary programs, please feel free to contact em.  I would be happy to talk to you about a potential course you may be interested in attending or help walk you through our bursary application form.  I would suggest you call me before you fill in the application form to ensure that your organization and the course you are applying for are a fit within our guidelines. I look forward to hearing from you and please feel free to share this with other registered charities that would fit in our guidelines.
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