OBSD Newsletter July 2016


Snow Storms, Brooks Sandwiches and Friendly Faces: The 2013 OBSD File Review Expedition

Signs of Safety Assessment and Planning – Form Versus Practice Driven Process

A New Aboriginal Site for Families in Region 3

Finding A Home for Baby M.

“All-In” Implementation of OBSD in Region 6

OBSD Newsletter May 2015


A Story of Hope and Inspiration -This is a Signs of Safety Good news story by a Calgary Child and Family Services (CFS) worker who helped a mother and her baby overcome some challenges.

Family Finding Training is coming to Alberta! Please click here for more details about the exciting practice tool.

Finding Creative Ways to Keep Families Together – Grandma keeps family together with OBSD support

OBSD Newsletter August 2014


Working Together as Child Intervention Practice Is Changing to Improve Outcomes for Children and Families An article by Sandra Maygard, AASCF – OBSD Lead

The 5th Anniversary of Outcomes-Based Service Delivery

Practice Framework Principles Affirmed!

2014 Signs of Safety Gathering

A good news story from the Alberta Foster Parents Association.

Links to information about training, online learning opportunities and much more!

OBSD Newsletter March 2014


Child Intervention Practice Initiatives: An Evolution By: Kim Spicer, Senior Manage

Vulnerable Children and Families – Bridging the Intervention and Early Intervention Worlds By Bev Parks, Executive Director, Norwood Child & Family Resource Centre

Good News Story from Calgary Child & Family Services By Bev Fournier, Associate Director, Region 3

Highlighting the Results of the OBSD File Reviewby Michael Kogan, Program Consultant, Child and Family Services Division

Tools and Resources –by Sandra Maygard, OBSD Lead AASCF

OBSD Newsletter April 2013


A Great News Story! Changes in Practice Impacting Outcomes,Casework Supervisor, Region 6 CFSA, North Central Office

The Evolving Nature of OBSD By Sandra Maygard

Overview of OBSD Related Activities

Creating Trauma-Informed Child Welfare Systems: A Guide for Administrators

OBSD Newsletter July 2012


OBSD Update The Stars Are Aligning! by Sandra Maygard, AASCF OBSD Lead

OBSD – Testing Our Ability to Collaborate

Other Examples of OBSD in Action submitted by McMan Youth, Family & Community Services Association –

Central Alberta, Lead Agency, Region #4

Learning Organizations by Sandra Maygard

Excerpts from Presentation by Dr. William Bell, CEO and President of the of Casey Family Programs,

Casey Foundation at Bosco Homes, May 30, 2012

About 25% of foster care alumni suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD);
nearly double the rate of U.S. war veterans. Findings from the Northwest Foster Care Alumni Study
By Pecora, Kessler, Williams, O’Brien, Downs, English, White, Hiripi, Roller White, Wiggins, and Holmes, April 2005

Casey Foundation Tools

My Real Life Book:A Report from the Youth Leaving Care Hearings


OBSD Newsletter March 2012


“Kahkiyaw Ayisiyinowak Ka Wahkohot” The First Aboriginal OBSD Phase-in Site

Excerpts from a letter by Jason Kyle S,a First Nations father,whose children are permanent wards

The Power of Naming Ceremonies By Cheryl Whiskeyjack

Parent – Teen Conflict: A Blackfoot Perspective By Tanya Pace-Crosschild

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know! By Sandra Maygard

Safety-Organized Practice:Promoting Safety, Permanency and Well-Being

OBSD Newsletter November 2011


What’s Happening with OBSD? Update by Sandra Maygard

A Shift in Language: The Use of and Understanding of Commonly Used Words by Sandra Maygard

OBSD Newsletter September 2011


Leadership by Sandra Maygard

An OBSD Case Example from the Region 4 Phase-In Site Submitted by: Morgan Laurin

Tools to Assist with Implementation of OBSD

Resources – OBSD

OBSD Newsletter July 2011


Change by Sandra Maygard

A Day in the Life of OBSD – Joni Brodziak Executive Lead, Outcomes Based Services, Ministry Support

Tools to Assist with Implementation of OBSD

The Signs of Safety Approach to Child Protection Casework

Resources – OBSD

OBSD Newsletter April 2011


Outcomes Based Measurement Tool:Survey Results

OBSD Agency Sector Lead—BLOG

Building Collaborative Practice for Better Outcomes in Region One – David O’Brien & Tom Miklos

From Passion to Outcomes—A Story

Resources —OBSD

OBSD Newsletter March 2011


Introduction to Outcomes Based Service Delivery (OBSD)

History, Objectives and Vision of OBSD

Member Submission—Family Centre (Region 6)

OBSD Agency Sector Lead—BLOGS